As the Jami team still focuses on stability and reliability, here is our 5th update regarding Jami's progress by its developers.


We fixed a few synchronization, deadlocks and crashes in the Jami Core.


Our work on FFmpeg to enable screen sharing on Wayland/Pipewire has been updated to consider feedback from FFmpeg developers.
We are also working on polishing the user experience and fix small issues across the board.


We are working on fixing small issues such as the long press on text and selection.
We are also polishing the user experience after introducing the new conversation UI last release and added a PDF preview in the conversation.


An additional developer joing the iOS team and major work is ongoing to improve connectivity and reliability.
iOS presents specific design challenges for distributed and peer-to-peer systems like Jami which our developers are currently grappling with.


These past few weeks we updated and improved JAMS.

  • Major bug fixed for revoking user devices.
  • Enhanced synchronization between LDAP/Active Directory and JAMS operations, preventing user logins after their accounts have been suspended or deleted.
  • Added support for Java 17 LTS and Java 21 LTS.
  • Improved unit testing processes in CI/CD.

No new features are currently being added.

Thank you for reading our regular Dev Update. We'll see you all in a couple of weeks for our next one! 😊