Hello everyone, this is the first of a series of regular updates on the development of Jami.

Current goals

Our major goal for the current release cycle is to improve stability and reliability, as well as continuing to polish the user experience.


New automated UI tests for the Qt and Android apps are on the way. On the long term, this should help us to improve the stability and prevent regressions as we add more features.


For the Jami Qt, Android and iOS apps, we are currently working on:

  • Completing the implementation of the new conversation UI.
  • Implementing the new conversation API (swarm history), which should yield better performance and a more consistent conversation experience across platforms. This change means more conversation management logic is handled by the daemon instead of being duplicated in the apps.
  • Other bug fixes and UX improvements.


In the Jami daemon, multiple thread safety issues have been fixed and profile and conversation data synchronization has been improved.

Next steps

For the next release, we are planning to change the way users associate new devices with their Jami Account: instead of using the DHT to exchange an encrypted archive, devices will use a peer-to-peer authenticated TLS connection to exchange the data.