As part of our efforts to focus on reliability, here is the 4th update on Jami's progress by its developers.


A new beta with a lot of changes. Here is a summary:

Current focus on potential deadlocks, syncing issues and call in swarms.


  • New developer discovering the current code base
  • Fix camera/mic when locking screen in a call
  • New presence colors for contacts
  • Send status will be implemented in a near future
  • Now can share multiple media or documents with Jami
  • Ongoing work on conversation disappearance
  • Current work for adding tests in a CI (continuous integration) job
  • Debugging presence with proxy


  • Ongoing work on reducing memory consumption to avoid memory limitations in the extension receiving push
  • New presence colors for contacts
  • Send status for messages
  • Adding architecture for tests

No new features are currently being added.

Thank you for reading our regular Dev Update. We hope it answers some of your most frequent questions.
We'll see you all in two weeks for the next one! 😊