Hello everyone, this is the second update on the development of Jami.

Current goals

Our major goal for the current release cycle remains to improve stability and reliability, as well as continuing to polish the user experience.


Works continue to add new automated UI tests for the Qt and Android clients. This should help us to improve stability and prevent regressions as we add more features.


  • After many years of discussions and few weeks of work, we are finally rolling out frameless windows for the Jami Qt client! This should make Jami look more modern on desktop for macOS and Windows. A dedicated blog post will be published soon. We're now working on migrating the Qt client to Qt 6.6.1 (it currently uses Qt 6.5). Our new Windows beta already includes frameless windows.
  • The new conversation UI is now available for everyone on Android ! We are now working on the iOS client to bring the same experience to all platforms.


Message status

We're working to improve the consistency and reliability of message status (sending, sent, read) in conversations.

Biometrics authentication

We are adding a biometrics authentication option on Android for accounts with a password. This should improve the user experience, saving you from having to enter the password for every protected action, if you use one with your Jami account.

Startup time

We work to improve the startup time of the Jami daemon and Qt client.

Next steps

For the next release, our goal is to change the way users associate new devices with their Jami Account: instead of using the DHT to exchange an encrypted archive, devices will use a peer-to-peer authenticated TLS connection to exchange data.