Your generosity has been pivotal in shaping the future trajectory of Jami's development.

Thanks to your contributions, we've been able to consolidate our core team and successfully address critical bugs buried deep within our codebase, which previously hindered connectivity but were beyond our reach due to resource constraints.

These strides represent significant progress towards our overarching goal of fostering a more accessible, secure, and liberated landscape for human communication. We owe this progress entirely to your invaluable support through donations! ✨

Jami's core team and everyone participating in developing the project would like to extend a heartfelt thank-you to everyone who's donated! ❤️

Summary of our donation campaign

We're immensely grateful for the overwhelming support we've received to date, culminating in a remarkable total of CAD$ 403,162.57.

We received a hundred diverse donations, alongside one significant contribution. Donors from across the globe poured in support, with contributions coming from the United States, Canada, Europe, India, Brazil, China, Australia, and New Zealand.

Why launch this donation campaign?

Jami represents a significant technical challenge with its distributed multi-device system for video, audio, and messaging, requiring robust functionalities across various platforms and languages, even under low bandwidth conditions.

As outlined in the Jami Manifesto, our development journey since 2015 has been supported by Savoir-faire Linux Inc. Our dedicated team of developers and interns has continuously refined the project, while an active community formed on GitLab and contributes by reporting bugs, suggesting enhancements, and assisting with translations.

Despite the substantial support received, Jami's unique complexity demands additional resources. The intricacies of managing community engagement, website maintenance, and issue resolution further compound the workload.

Therefore, based on the recommendation of one of our most devoted users, and with the aim of accelerating Jami's progress, we launched a donation campaign in December 2023.

Looking ahead

As we move forward, our commitments to you remain strong. We work towards building a communication platform that reflects key values:

  1. Secure:  Protecting your privacy and communication is our top priority.
  2. Free and Open Source: Jami is built on open-source principles, ensuring transparency and accessibility.
  3. User-Friendly: We are dedicated to making Jami easy and enjoyable for everyone, regardless of technical background.

Addressing past challenges in delivering a stable and reliable platform across various OS, since January, our efforts have been dedicated to enhancing Jami's core features and connectivity.

Thanks to your support, significant progress has been made with major bug fixes in recent weeks, laying the groundwork for increased reliability.

Our commitment to resolving underlying issues remains steadfast, with ongoing efforts planned at least until the beginning of summer. As a result, you can expect continuous evolution and improvement in Jami's performance.

How to stay involved?

There are numerous ways for you to continue being an active member of Jami's community and contribute to its ongoing development:

  • Contribute to the Code
    You can greatly enhance Jami's functionality and reliability by contributing to its code on GitLab. Whether you're a user reporting bugs, or a developer looking to add or modify code, your input is invaluable to Jami's development process.
  • Try the Beta Version
    Install Jami's Beta versions to provide real-time feedback to our developers before official releases.
  • Translate the App and Website
    Do you speak any languages other than English and French?
    Join our translators' community on Transifex to help make Jami accessible to people worldwide.
  • Participate in the Forum
    Our forum is a central hub for Jami's community, where users have been actively engaged for years. Here, you can seek assistance, guidance, and answers to your questions from fellow users and Jami's developers.
  • Sign Up for Our Newsletter
    Stay informed about Jami's operations, progress, and team by subscribing to our newsletter, at the bottom of this article or on our homepage.
  • Spread the Word and Stay Tuned
    Share Jami with your friends, family, and colleagues, and stay updated on our progress through our blog posts and our social media channels, including Mastodon, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.